The beer tank system is originally developed to ease the distribution of beer from the brewery to the end-user. The last decades the system proved to have much more advantages.

The Bag-In-Tank Principle allows beer to be kept in air ceiled plastic bags within the beer tank. This way no CO2 has to be added to the beer. The beer is kept on a constant temperature and pressure.

Duotank offers a large variety of products, laying the empathy on beer tanks. Due to years of experience Duotank is able to find a solution for every unique problem.

At Duotank we understand the importance of the quality of the beer supply, during events. To prepare the beer infrastructure for this difficult task Duotank offers a comprehensive product line. These products can be purchased but are also available for rental.

Your task is the delicate process of brewing beer. Our job is to ensure that the beer can be served in its purest form to your customers.

Our end product can be admired worldwide in multiple arenas. Thus, the product is not only functional but also an eye-catcher on your location.